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Services Radtke's Clean Energy Provides
Free Phone Consultations
    - We Encourage Questions & Site Specific Concerns.
    - Education About Solar Energy Is Widespread, But We Are Definitely A Resource.  

Free Estimates
    - We Provide Estimates To Individuals & Businesses That Are Seriously Considering Solar Energy. 

Site Evaluations
    - Site Location
    - Site Shading
    - Current Electrical Systems
    - Efficiency Improvements

Design & Installation of New Residential and Small Commercial PV Systems
    - Fixed Ground Mounts
    - Roof Mounts
    - Pole Mounts
    - Solar Shingles
    - Solar Pool Heating
    - Air Collectors
    - Small Mobile or DC Setups 

Troubleshooting and Repairs of Existing PV Systems
    - Some Systems Require Professional Care or Troubleshooting
    - Some Systems Are Outdated & In Need of Upgrades 

Efficiency Advising
    - Radtke's Clean Energy Representatives Are Not Certified Efficiency Advisers, But We Can Provide Professional Advice For Efficiency Improvements.  

Pre-build Site Preparation
    - If You Are Constructing A New Building & Have Solar In Mind For The Future. We Can Work With Your Designer & Electrician To Make Sure     You Have The Best Setup For Your Future Solar Plans.
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans." Proverbs 16:3